Feb 6, 2014



San Francisco Sailing Charters & Sailing Tours

For the ultimate unforgettable experience while visiting San Francisco and its area, nothing comes closer to a private sailing charter tour of the bay and the neighboring attractions. There is something truly unique and enticing about having your own private yacht and cruising past the charming San Francisco attractions, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge from beneath or watching the sunset from the deck and so on. This is one of the most romantic ways to see the city, peacefully sailing on the rhythm of the ocean and gazing upon the famous skyline of San Francisco. The best option for a perfect cruise from San Francisco is Captain San Francisco Sailing Charters, by far the safest and most trusted options for sailing in the area. The San Francisco tourism attractions are amongst the most interesting and amazing in the country and even the world and a great unique way to discover them from the ocean.

With unique tours that include the most famous San Francisco sights, with an experienced captain who has sailed the world and then some, with its luxurious yacht rentals and much more, this is the best among the San Francisco boat tours. The company offer a wide variety of journeys and expeditions in and around the San Francisco area, showing tourists the most beautiful landmarks and landscapes, or giving them the opportunity to discover the magnificent world of sailing. The private sailing charter tour even offers a unique romantic opportunity to propose to your loved one, while drifting away in a forgotten cove, or even combined with a charming sunset tour. Captain San Francisco Sailing Charters gives anyone an affordable and entertaining way to see and learn what a sailing yacht really is and what a unique experience it gives.

Each of these unique San Francisco boat tours includes free lunch and wine with each journey, as well as the opportunity for guests to decide the itinerary and choose the attractions and activities they want to do. The cruise can visit an enticing restaurant on the shore, including La Mar Peruvian Cebicheria in SF, Scomas Italian Seafood, Guaymas Seafood in Tiburon, The Trident Restaurant in Sausalito, Bar Bocce in Sausalito, “Fish” restaurant in sausalito, Salito’s in Sausalito, the Angel Island Cafe and many other, as well as wine tasting experiences in the bay, sampling the heavenly wine of Napa Valley or Sonoma County. Apart from all these, the San Francisco yacht can cruise past the most symbolic and popular attractions of the city, including Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Pier 39 and its sea lions, Ayala Cove, San Pablo Bay, Marin Headlands, Point Bonita, Fort Cronkite, St. Francis Yacht Club and many more. It all depends on how big you want your adventure in San Francisco to be and the captain can surely answer your desires.



Ash Scattering At Sea

A Beautiful Way To Remember A Loved One – Ash Scattering In San Francisco

San Francisco is a stunning city, and it’s little wonder to us why families from around the world like to get a boat charter under the Golden Gate Bridge as a way to explore some of the most beautiful sights of the city. Families who have a loved one who recently passed, especially someone who really truly enjoyed San Francisco’s most famous landmark, may want to give them a resting place that they can enjoy for eternity. An easy, affordable way to do this is to get a boat charter that will allow you to spread their ashes throughout the San Francisco Bay.

Choosing a boat charter for your ash scattering needs is generally the best way to go about it if your target area is the San Francisco Bay. Unlike doing the ceremony on a crowded area like the actual Golden Gate Bridge, a chartered boat will give you the chance to have the privacy, the quiet, and the space that you need to give your loved one the proper send off into the afterlife that they deserve. Surrounded by striking landscapes, the iconic architecture of one of the most famous landmarks in the US, and fellow loved ones, you have the time, the space, and the right atmosphere to have the best ashes spreading ceremony possible.

A private sailing charter offers lots of opportunities for families to remember their loved ones in an elegant way while still offering clients the flexibility in deciding how they celebrate the individual’s life and achievements. There have been families and friends who came together just to sit back, enjoy the calm tide, and talk about the times they shared with the departed. We’ve seen families who have thrown an Irish funeral for the person who they recently lost. And of course, there have also been plenty of instances which just involved a couple of close family members spreading ashes over the sea as they wish their loved ones a final goodbye. It’s all up to you to decide what to do when you’re out on the bay on a chartered sailing boat.

A chartered boat can bring a family together in trying times, and can help set the right scene for bringing people together, and it doesn’t matter if the occasion is just a family outing, a wedding proposal, an ashes scattering ceremony or a bachelorette party. No matter how big or small the gathering is supposed to be, there is probably a San Francisco boat rental out there that will carry your entire party with room to spare. Because San Francisco Bay is a major boating area, you’re also likely to find boat rentals that run the gamut from the basic to the ultra high end luxury yachts that seem at home in music videos.

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