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The Joys and Experience of Chartering a Yacht

The San Francisco Bay offers a one in a life time experience cruising and riding in a private yacht. It is an exciting and joyful experience that leaves many people wanting to re-experience their time in San Francisco Bay. The weather is mostly beautiful and the currents are thrilling.

Effective Pick up/drop off Service

When you book onto the tour, you will be clear instructions on how to get to the location of the bay, further more details of the pickup locations will be provided, the locations are generally, San Francisco and Sausalito. Notification will be sent to you of the specific location of the pickup either by email or by telephoning preceding the tour. The service for this is fast and effective, so there are no fall-backs or delays before or after. The organisation takes away the stress and allows you to fully indulge into the experience and enjoy yourself.

Tranquil Tours with the Captain

When riding in the Yacht, tours are given around different areas within the bay, this is depending on the needs and wants of the person and where they want to go. You will be provided with your own personal capital on board with you who will take you anywhere you desire, of course time is considered as bookings vary in duration and there are also specific conditions that are to be followed that restricts certain areas on the bay and ocean but there is plenty places to see.

There are different timings and places for the tours, these include:

Three Hour SF Bay Tour

Four Hour SF Bay Tour

Four Hour Coastal Tour

Two-Hour Sunset Cruise

All of these tours have their own personal experience but are also very similar. The duration of each tour is based on preference in how long you want to cruise around and enjoy the views.

Sail the Yacht yourself

What’s great about this experience is that you can take the ride in the yacht into your very own hands, all you have to do is let the captain know at the beginning of the tour and if you need instructions on sailing and explanations on nautical terms that you not be aware of, the captain will be of assistance. The instructions and guidance is free and is part of your journey in the yacht. It provides you with a unique experience to drive the yacht for the first time! Furthermore anyone can sail the boat, this includes, children and adults.


Food and drink are not provided before or during the tour, meaning you will need to bring your pre made sandwiches that are generally the best form of food to take for ease and enjoyment.  However there will already be glasses for drinks so there is no need to bring extra baggage along. The hospitality service is great in taking care of you during the full journey.

Within the yacht there is a lot a longue area where you can sit with your family or friends and relax with white wine or champagne and just enjoy the view ahead.


The weather at the bay is unpredictable, it can be very warm one day and cold the next day, however this does not take the fun away from the day regardless of the weather. If you dress well and comfortably you should be just fine. A Long sleeve top, a hoody and sneakers are generally the best things to wear to ensure you’re comfortable.

The experience in cruising in a yacht is enjoyable and fun for everybody, with a tranquil environment and beautiful views, you really can’t go wrong.

chloe charter my sailboat in sf bay and experienced the joy of sailing in san francisco bay

chloe charter my sailboat in sf bay and experienced the joy of sailing in san francisco bay

Charter your own private yacht for a romantic sailing charter in san francisco bay!

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book a sailing charter with captain san francisco and you will have romantic views of sf bay on your own private yacht

book a sailing charter with captain san francisco and you will have romantic views of sf bay on your own private yacht

Sailing with Captain San Francisco is memorable experience that everyone will enjoy. Many of our clients love sailing with us so much that they come back again and again. It’s not uncommon for our customers to refer their friends to us or come back with a group, so we know we are providing a great experience.

Our private yacht charter located in the San Francisco bay area is a an experience that you won’t want to miss. Bring your friends, a romantic partner, or the employees of your company. We cater to a variety of groups. Whatever the occasion and group of people, you can rest assured that we will provide a fun experience that everyone will enjoy.

When you are sailing San Francisco Bay, your troubles will be far off. It’s an excellent opportunity to live in the moment and to reduce stress. You will witness a variety of unique experiences. We sail alongside clipper racing boats that are leaving for their sailing race around the world. We commonly see ocean animals that include dolphins, humpback whales, and california sea lions. They are a memorable sight to behold, and kids especially seem to love watching the wildlife swim by the boat.

Our journey starts at the Sausalito. We then proceed under the gorgeous golden gate bridge (a favorite spot to take pictures). We go down to the SF city waterfront, head past the SF giants stadium, then go past Mccovey Cove. From their we head past pier 39, fishermans wharf, past alcatraz, angel island, Sams Cafe in Tiburon, Belvedere island, and back to richardson bay sausalito. As you can see, this is a long, interesting trip. You will enjoy sailing San Francisco bay with our private yacht charter.

Our San Francisco sailboat charter is a high-quality vessel that offers a smooth ride. Our customers report that it’s an incredible experience to sail on a private San Francisco sailing charter.  There simply isn’t a better way to witness the beautiful city. It’s very memorable to see the sights of the city on San Francisco sailing charters.

Every one of our San francisco sailing charters comes with a bottle of wine and sandwiches. This is a perfect journey to take with your entire family. It’s an excellent bonding experience and will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.

We offer very reasonable prices. Book now or contact us for more information.

Captain Josh Waldman sailing from Mexico to SF bay

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Captain Josh waldman sailing

this winter captain josh waldman sailing up from mexico back to sf bay

The first week of fatherhood… Definitely excited to get back to SF and take friends and fam out sailing on San Francisco Bay. #sfdog #puppy #blueheeler #sfpup #sfmarina #sfsailboatcharter #

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Brody dog says SF sailing charters are fun and affordable and any cruise can be customized to your liking, sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz!

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Captain Josh waldman on a sailboat charter in san francisco

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Sailing vessel Matador does private sailboat charter in sf bay

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